The Ministry of Interior has requested the Mission to bring to the attention of all prospective dual Citizenship applicants that, any applicant who had no primary Ghanaian Citizenship as at 31st December 1996 is not qualified to be registered as a dual Citizen of Ghana.

This policy is in line with the existing laws of Ghana namely; the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and the Citizenship Act 591.

Individuals in the above category can however, apply to the Ministry of Interior directly for Right of Abode under Section 17 of the Immigration Act 573 (2000).

In accordance with the Citizenship Act of 2002 (Act 591), Ghanaians who have acquired Canadian Citizenship, are eligible to apply for dual citizenship.


Applicants are required to complete Dual Citizenship Application Form (Form 10) for the issuance of the certificate at a cost of CDN$240.00. The form has to be fully completed before submission to the Mission and onward transmission to the Ministry of Interior in Accra.

“Form 10” is obtainable from the Ghana High Commission in Ottawa or the Ghana Consulate in Toronto.

Prospective applicants who live outside the locations indicated above and wish to purchase the form can send money order of $240 per form to the GHANA HIGH COMMISSION IN OTTAWA or THE CONSULATE IN TORONTO with a note requesting for the Dual Nationality Application Form. Include a self-address and traceable return envelope.

Payments are to be made only by BANKER’S DRAFT OR MONEY ORDER in the name of the GHANA HIGH COMMISSION.

NOTE: Fees for Dual Citizenship processing are non-refundable.


  1. Proof of payment for the processing/Dual Citizenship Application Form (please attach copy of receipt)
  2. Ghanaian Birth Certificate or Passport(Please provide the original document)
  3. Evidence of Ghanaian Parents’ Nationality – Passport, Voters’ I.D. Card or Birth Certificate
  4. Six (6) passport sized photographs
  5. Evidence of the renunciation of their Ghanaian citizenship and a copy of bio-data page of applicant’s foreign passport, naturalization certificate/card in colour must be attached to the application.
  6. Addresses and Telephone numbers of two of Applicant’s relatives living in Ghana

All questions should be answered. The absence of crucial information may cause a delay in the processing of the application.


  1. On acquiring the dual citizenship, a holder will be entitled to apply for Ghanaian passport in addition to their Canadian passport.
  2. Shall be permitted to remain in Ghana without limitation provided the person entered on a Ghanaian passport.
  3. Shall not be permitted to use two passports interchangeably to deceive an Immigration Officer. Any holder of Dual Citizenship found to be using two passports interchangeably will be considered to have committed a criminal offence and will be liable on a summary conviction to a fine not exceeding 250 penalty units or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year or to both.

No citizen of Ghana shall qualify to be appointed as a holder of any office specified in this section if he holds the citizenship of any other country in addition to his citizenship of Ghana:

  1. Chief Justice and Justices of Supreme Court
  2. Ambassador or High Commissioner
  3. Secretary to the Cabinet
  4. Chief of Defence Staff
  5. Inspector-General of Police
  6. Commissioner, Customs Excise and Preventive Service
  7. Director of Immigration Service
  8. Commissioner, Value Added Tax Service
  9. Director-General, Prisons Service
  10. Chief Fire Officer
  11. Minister or Deputy Minister
  12. Chief Director of Ministry
  13. A rank of Colonel in the army or its equivalent in other security services; and
  14. Any other public offices that the Minister for the Interior may by legislative instrument prescribe.